Friday, August 27, 2010

Tolstoy Is Dead; Long Fight Over

Here is a copy of the obituary from the New York Times, dated November 20,1910.  It is noted,

ASTAPOVA, Sunday, Nov. 20.--Count Tolstoy died at 6:05 this morning.

The Countess Tolstoy was admitted to the sickroom at 5:50. Tolstoy did not recognize her.

When one of the heart attacks seized him Tolstoy was alone with his eldest daughter, Tatina. He suddenly clutched her hand and drew her to him. He seemed to be choking, but was able to whisper: 

"Now the end has come; that is all." 


  1. "That is all" has a sort of "the rest is silence" ring to it. Not as fun as Chekhov's last words, but Chekhov had more humor than Tolstoy all the way around, I think.

    I enjoy your site. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for dropping in. Please feel free to post more comments or tag the site.