Monday, February 6, 2012

Antosha Chekhonte

It was interesting to read that Chekhov initially published his short stories under the pseudonym Antosha Chekhonte, since he viewed his humorous sketches as little more than a means of making money to help feed himself and his extended family.  Nemirovsky noted that the young author didn't think much of these stories until Dmitri Grigorovich, an elder Petersburg novelist, wrote to tell him how much he enjoyed his stories that were being published in a Petersburg journal, Fragments, over the period 1883-85.  Grigorovich singled out The Hunstman as his favorite.  In response, young Anton (then 26) thanked his admirer profusely but admitted that he wrote that particular story while taking a bath and could see nothing special in it.  Nevertheless, he would take his fan's words of advice and devote more time to his writing, as Grigorovich noted it would be a waste to squander such talent. The old novelist also urged Chekhov to publish under his own name.

Here are more of Chekhov's early short stories.

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