Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Perestroika

Interesting to see an American making a documentary entitled My Perestroika, but according to the production notes Robin Hessman spent 8 years in Moscow and earned a graduate degree in film directing from the prestigious VGIK, with a "red diploma" of honors.  So, she would have been quite aware with the events swirling around the capitol during that time.

Hessman follows five persons who came of age during the Perestroika era, interspersing their recollections and thoughts with archival footage and home movies.  It is sure to strike a soft spot in most viewers, judging from this teaser.  Hard to get much sense of the film from the homepage, but it seems to capture a feeling of "Paradise Lost," as events since the second social revolution haven't exactly lived up to many Russians' expectations.

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