Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dr. Zhivago: The Mini-Series

I imagine most people remember the classic MGM version with Omar Sharif and Julie Christie.  However, in what has become an ongoing effort to reclaim its classics, Russian television presented an 11-part series in 2006, with the great Oleg Menshikov in the title role. Really looking forward to seeing it.  Here is the trailer and a clip from the series.  Whole different feel to the novel.

Pevear and Volokhonsky are coming out with a new translation in October.

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  1. We are four episodes into the series and only now has Zhivago found an interest in Larisa after suffering a leg wound on the front. The first 3 episodes were largely about life in Moscow in the years 1905-1914 with the focus mostly on the lawyer Komarovksy and the Gishar family, from which the insolent little Lara came from. We also find out about Zhivago's "spiritual love" with Tonya and the democratic household her father keeps. Excellent acting and feel for the novel.

    At this point you have to wonder what Zhivago sees in Lara because Tonya is a much more sympathetic figure. But, it seems Alexander Blok has opened a poetic door here.