Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am Cuba

There has long been a strong connection between Russia and Latin America.  In many ways the Mexican Revolution inspired the Bolshevik Revolution.  In turn, it would seem the Bolshevik Revolution inspired the Cuban Revolution.  This may be one reason why Mikahil Kalatozov chose to make Soy Cuba, which evocatively illustrates the rise of a new Cuba.  It is filmed in sparkling black and white and tells four interlocking stories that underscore the plight of the common man as he tries to rise out of the decadent world of Batista.  It was filmed in 1964 at the height of the Cold War, and while it can be viewed as agitprop, it is also very human.  The film has been beautifully restored and is available in various forms, including this handsome "cigar box" edition.  Here is a clip.


  1. Another great one!

    Looks like there's a companion film on the making movie, too.

  2. Well, that should say "on the making of the movie".... Typing faster than I think these days.

  3. The opening:


  4. Really love this film as it shifts from the hedonistic pool scenes to life in the country side.