Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Remembering Vysotsky

Vladimir Vysotsky is probably known more as a singer than an actor, but for years he dominated the Soviet stage and screen with his commanding presence.  His first performance was in Sverstnitsy (1959), or Teenagers.  His last production was Little Tragedies, a television mini-series based on stories by Pushkin.  This week, Russian television showed a retrospective of his career and his relationship with Marina Vladi, one of Godard's favorite muses.  Vysotsky and Vladi only appeared in one movie together, The Two of Them.  He was born on January 25, but alas he cut his life short with vodka and morphine.  He died of heart failure in Moscow in 1980.
Photograph by James Andanson, March 1980, courtesy of Corbis 

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